Nightskyhunter Observing Articles

New page added to the site which offers direct links to observing articles which some readers may find useful. Some of these have been wrote specifically for the site however others are copies of articles I have done for other websites, newspapers, or astronomical magazines. I have others on my computer which I will try my best to add in the near future. I am very much looking forward to adding new articles on the subjects of aurora observing, understanding the aurora charts, NLCs, photography, and storm chasing. Please also check out my new ebooks.



Elemental Photography From Maghera & Surrounding Countryside - Article

Nightskyhunter Website Q&A Page - Article

Wide field Astrophotography Using Bridge Cameras - Article

How To See Moonbows (Lunar Rainbows) - Article

Noctilucent Clouds (NLCs) - Article

Visual Comet Hunting Part 1 - How To Hunt Comets - Article

Visual Comet Hunting Part 2 - An Observing Guide To Comets - Article

Visual Comet Hunting Part 3 - A Deeper Look - Avoiding the Surveys - Article

Chasing Tails - The 1000 Hour Journey - Article

The Astronomical Log book - Article

Hitting The Bull's Eye With A Telrad - Article

Asteroid 42531 McKenna Award - Article

List Of Comets Observed - Article

Comet Hunting Statistics - Article


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