June 9th 2014, Roisin and I went S again and this time spotted Paul on the Tobermore Road beside the Moyola River so we parked side by side and got out to watch this new storm to our E. I set my video camera on the car roof and let it film this growing cell which you can see as a short time lapse segment at the end of the video. It was a great memory standing near the Moyola River close to home eating a snack and watching this storm explode rapidly in the distance. Images do not do this justice at all as each of us were taken back by the real time development of this updraught which formed into a rock hard anvil, it was astonishing to witness and looked more like a time lapse than reality. The above image doesn't do it justice at all, this is looking across the Moyola driving range to the E with the storm moving R to L, this storm was over Lough Neagh and was in the process of crossing into Antrim then Ballymoney region where it hit hard, the storm knocked out the power, blew electrical sockets from walls and hit the town with torrential rainfall and nasty hail.

On the days following this chase I had been chatting with a business owner in Ballymoney who told me in person that he filled seven wheel barrows with hail stones from his front door!!!, the radar signature on this storm was incredible with a large white core at the top of the scale, the radar and timing all indicate that this was the storm which did it so I'm delighted to have this image and the short video clip showing it erupting to life, I also heard a second hand unconfirmed report from a man friendly with my Dad who heard about golf ball sized hail stones over Antrim from this very same cell, read the report for more information.* All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.