June 9th 2014, we where driving S on the dual carriageway outside Cookstown when a cell came into view over the road, as we passed under it we encountered a terrific precip core which actually shocked us, small hard hail stones attacked the windows and absolutely torrential rainfall which was a thrill to drive through, visibility rapidly dropped, the wipers were going full speed and there was a constant rumbling sound from inside the car due to the noise from the rain and hail, the view out the front windscreen was impressive with a deep covering of water covering all four lanes of the dual carriageway, it almost looked like a river, the transition from sunny skies and a dry road to this in what seemed like seconds was shocking. I tried to get Roisin to take video however it was a difficult process as she was in the back seat with a restricted view and the car was unsteady so any footage used didn't work out, however from a visual stand point it was pretty cool to experience.

We then punched through the core and emerged out the other side into blazing sunshine then pulled over at the edge of the road near the entrance to the milk factory and got out to shoot the storm. This was the view looking back at the storm and N down the carriageway as the storm drifted away off the road and over the adjacent fields, check out the impressive shape to the precip core, a substantial rain free base was feeding into the back of it with black tendrils of scud lifting upwards into the base exhibiting keen inflow motion and high above rock solid towers dominated the sky while the sun cooked us, the atmosphere was very warm, the sun intense and the humidity was in your face, we didn't need charts to tell us there would be storms today because we could feel it in the atmosphere all around us, read the report for more information.* All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.