March 12th 2013 located on a cliff along the Co. Antrim coast above White Park Bay beach with two English photographers waiting for sunset to observe comet C/2011 L4 Pan-STARRS, it was a bright day and clear however the bitter NEly wind blowing off the ocean cut clean through us chilling us to the bone which also made taking vibration-free images much more difficult, it was our second night in a row here hunting for this comet while battling bitter weather. The sunset this evening was beautiful as several trains of cumulus clouds moved from ocean to land passing over the sun creating a dramatic scene, the bright patch is where the sun's disk was about to appear from behind the dark clouds, the view warmed me up as I shot the scene with my telephoto lens leaning across the car roof as the open driver's door banged into my back due to the relentless wind, read the report for more information. * All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.