July 25th 2012 at Portballintrae on the Co. Antrim coast. The sky put on an impressive show in the afternoon for over 1.5 hours so I got busy observing, taking images, and even some video footage. I really needed a 10mm wide angle lens or even a fish eye to take everything in however I had to do with my 18mm kit lens and make the best of what I had. In the above image I blocked the sun with my outstretched thumb and placed the sun to the far L of frame so attention can be drawn to the region adjacent to it. Above the sun was a remarkable highly curved upper tangent arc (UTA) with impressive yellow, white, and blue colours, below this was at faint 22 degree halo and outside of which was a circumscribed halo. Near image centre is a sundog or mock sun (parhelia) with the same colours as the UTA, this sundog was located further than the typical 22 degree parhelia. Next was a curved parhelic circle which began at the sun and extended through the halo, sundog, and out across the sky beyond the frame into the N, this was the showpiece catch of the day, read the report for more information. * All images are available for sale in the form of photo prints, canvas or digital files for licensing, if you are interested in a purchase simply drop me an email.