JUNE 19/20TH



June 19/20th 2008 at 00.35 BST. This was another stunning NLC display visible from 23.45 - 02.30 BST extending from NW to NE sky sectors + 100 degrees in azimuth and 15 degrees high. Solid type 4 brightness however at times I was tempted to place it in the low end type 5 category. It peaked in intensity between 00.30 and 00.45 BST. This display was probably capable of casting shadows and was a striking silver colour against a background of blue, orange, and green colours. Various complex structures present: long IIa and IIb bands, dense veil, long waves/herringbone forms. The display changed position and shape by the min. Difficult to to believe that this monster display began as a few white bands on the horizon!. The display faded rapidly to type 3 brightness during the pre-dawn period when it was dominated a by a wonderful blue colour. This marked my 12th NLC sighting of the season.