JUNE 26/27TH



June 26/27th 2008 at 00.59 BST from the Coleraine Road junction, Maghera showing NLCs and tail-light trails from passing cars. This display was visible from 00.35 - 02.30 BST. A shadow casting type 5 display extending from NW to E of N and 15 degrees high with stunning silvery-white and blue colours. Bands, waves, veil, and intense knots all present. The NW section was amazing with a long sharp network of IIb high contrast bands casting sharp dark shadows onto the background veil creating an amazing 3-D effect. This was the brightest display I have witnessed in the 2008 season at that time. It faded around 02.00 BST to a type 3 and split into two sections. The NW section was composed of long blue bands and the N section had yellow-gold coloured waves and small scale loops. This ranks up there with some of the brightest displays I have ever seen. My 13th display of the season.