JUNE 12/13TH



June 12/13th 2008 at 00.52 BST. NW to NE sky sectors, 20 degrees high and extending higher than Capella. Display was composed of three main sectors. The most spectacular of these was in the N and NW with structure visible straight down to the horizon. Wonderful white and electric blue colours with other yellow and green hues. Display was moving rapidly to the NE which could be seen with the naked eye. Overall a type 3 brightness display with the more intense regions reaching type 4. Sharp bands, Veil, net-like structure, waves, small scale and large scale whirls/loops and complex dark lacunosus holes/pits. All forms visible in high contrast detail and with shadows cast onto the background veil. Visible from 00.32-02.50 BST. My 9th display of the 2008 season.