JULY 19/20TH



July 19/20th 03.34 BST. From my log book...another spectacular display which I placed in my top ten ever witnessed. It began shortly after sunset in the N, and at that time it was unimpressive with a few bands and waves. During the darkest period of the night it vanished, however I suspected it would return before dawn and could be better than ever. I was correct. Before dawn the NLCs returned with a vengeance and climbed upwards in height with astonishing speed with motion which could be seen in real time with the naked eye. After 03.00 BST they were 20 degrees high in the N to NE sectors and of type 4 brightness sporting a stunning silver-blue colour. The view to the low NE was spectacular with the slender crescent Moon and planet Venus, both gold in colour, and embedded within the NLCs. Visible from 23.30 - 04.30 BST.

The above image is a vertical capture before dawn with the crescent Moon and earthshine within the wonderful NLC structures. Faint bands over and around the Moon, white in colour, however higher up where gorgeous electric blue waves/herringbone with lacunosus holes. I was standing in a field with waist-high grass which covered the camera so I had to extend the central bar to get a shot above it.