JUNE 18/19TH



June 18/19th 02.47 BST. Wide angle 28mm capture of the same structure. I took several images of the fainter NLCs at the extremities of the display over the Moon with earthshine and those were my final images of the night. Dawn was approaching, the sky was getting bright, and the NLCs where blending in with the bright twilight. This brings to an end the most stunning NLC display I have ever seen, it will never be forgotten. Much to my surprise there were very few images from the UK showing the display at this time so I was the only person who got to see it at its absolute best, at least as far as I'm aware of. I really was very lucky with the weather because areas around the coast and further S had thicker cloud with the best of the clear sky over central areas of NI where I live. Some observers did get a taster of it like Andrew Phethean, from Aberdeen, UK who wrote...

''Hope there's still space for some more NLCs! As Martin Mckenna says - it was a display of a lifetime. Shadows indeed! It was actually the first time I'd ever seen these but it was better than any photos I've seen up till now. Incredibly bright, and stunningly detailed''. - Images

Rob Powell from Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland - Image

David Storey from The Isle of Man, UK took this Image, which is the only one which even comes close to the one which I seen from here. You can view the NLC gallery page for that date here.

Les Cowley from Atmospheric Optics also made a nice montage of the June 18/19th display here.