JUNE 18/19TH



June 18/19th 02.45 BST. The sky completely cleared again before dawn and the NLCs where still spectacular despite the brighter sky. The fainter extensions of the display could be seen passing over the low elevation waning Moon. I seen an awesome structure in the NE which was separated from the main display, it seemed to grow out of nothing and was incredible with structure which was extremely Reptilian in nature, or like a huge Spider. This evolved into the shape of the 'stomach buster' Alien from the movies of the same name which actually looked frightening with the naked eye. I didn't get images of this due to tall trees and by time I found a good location it had changed shape again. Looking back to the N and NW the NLCs were still stunning as the above image shows. The NLCs have an insect-like form. The very finest NLCs usually do remind their Human observers of Animal forms.