JUNE 18/19TH



June 18/19th 01.27 BST. The majority of stars where washed from the sky from the phenomenal intensity of this display which I could see vividly with phenomenal detail on my camera's LCD screen. Just about every type of NLC structure possible is present here. Thanks to its incredible complexity, which cast shadows onto other sectors of the NLC display, the entire scene looked 3 dimensional with eye-catching depth. Among all the patterns my favourite kind of all prevails, the large and small scale whirls/twists. A complex NLC display is always at its most spectacular when you see it side-on from an oblique angle, if you wait until it creeps overhead then your viewing angle has naturally changed so you are looking at the NLCs from underneath like the under side of a tenuous blanket. In my opinion it's the oblique displays which are truly the most visually spectacular, and this one is the ultimate example.