JUNE 18/19TH



June 18/19th 01.27 BST. This was unbelievable!. Despite this being the darkest time of the night with the lowest Sun elevation I was astounded by just how much this display glowed with outstanding brilliance. The top part of the display was type 4 with the middle and bottom sections type 5. In other words, it was an elite example of a shadow-casting display at the very top of the scale. I could actually see the ground glowing up by it's light, and the small patches of Trop cloud which drifted lazily by where also reflecting white and blue light from it. The colours were extreme, with electric blue, subtle purple, white, silver, green, a hint of yellow, and the most remarkable deep gold colour, all these together glowing in the sky at the same time was simply stupendous. I had often fantasized about seeing a rare display like this, and on this night my dreams had come true. Look at the structure!!!, when I posted these on the net the following day I had the impression that some people suspected these images were processed to look like that, well I can tell you with complete honesty that they are not. These are straight off the camera, what's more, the naked eye view was even better than what these images show and that's saying something.

I was beside myself with happiness and amazement as I stood out in this orange field during the early hours of the morning staring in wide eyed disbelief at this absolutely spectacular NLC display. I felt like I was part of a dream where time seemed to stand still, with the exception of that orange light in the house below there was no sign of life in that direction, not even the sound of a distant car on the road, it was just me and the NLCs, it was a magical experience which I shall never forget. The grass was short and dry, it was calm with not even a breeze, and the countryside around me was silent. The dark outline of Bat darting in front of my face broke my trance and I went back to reality was more.