JUNE 18/19TH



June 18/19th 23.55 BST. I just love the structure and intricate detail on this part of the display which extends faintly out of frame to the L and much further out of frame to the R. The more you look at the image the more structure you can see. More Trop cloud drifting across from W to E (L to R) although it was non threatening at this time. Can you ID the NLC types on this image?, there's Herringbone, bands, whirls, veil, and even knots. Capella is R of the centre. To the far L is a very delicate example of herringbone or waves, this is due to their appearance being similar to sand ripples on a beach at low tide. Funnily enough it's the blank region of sky below the NLCs where the real action would take place later.