JUNE 18/19TH



June 18/19th 23.51 BST. Even though the Sun is slowly dropping in latitude below the horizon the NLCs are little affected by this. A lowering Sun is a good thing with large displays because the twilight back ground darkens further revealing more stars, while at the same time producing more contrast which enhances the glow from these night shinning clouds. The NLCs are now growing in a horizontal direction and still very high around the 50 degree level. The structure was beginning to show depth and hence a very 3-D appearance, a nice network of lacunosus holes can be seen to the upper R. My instincts told me this had the potential to me a mega display, the tip off was the motion of the NLCs. NLCs always move, weak displays show motion over a period of time, however major displays exhibit rapid motion, and this one was simply unbelievable. I watched the large twisted form/whirl to the L of centre near Capella and not only could I see its distance from that star change in real time but I could also see the twisted NLC structure bend and morph before my very eyes which was incredible. I have observed amazing NLC motion before, however this was ridiculous. From reading that information and looking at the image you can visualize the gravity waves in the Mesosphere shaping the NLC cloud material. There was a Mesospheric storm in progress!.