JUNE 17/18TH



June 17/18th 00.56 BST. Alot of Trop cloud was drifting in from the W (L) and beginning to obscure much of the display although I could still see portions of it for a while. I really like this scene, there's something about the form to the dark weather clouds contrasting with the very fine white NLCs above the horizon. This is looking N to NE. That's the stars of Perseus peaking out from behind the clouds to the upper R. The NLC structure is extremely delicate with veil and bands crossing at angles creating a nice glowing form like silk stitched together by Mother Nature herself. Later it clouded over and the night turned very dark with a nasty looking black blanket of Trop cloud. Around 03.00 there was a narrow break in this cloud to the NW, and within that gap was a remarkable structure which I only had in view for approx 1 min before the clouds closed over the gap. It had turned into a type 5 monster display with frightening structure and a blue colour that looked like electricity glowing around a transformer. The structure was an evil looking twisted vertical form with crazy shapes which looked completely Alien and unlike anything I had seen before, the only comparison I could match it to was a deformed Human spine or slice a of a skeleton. I got a few images but it they are not good enough to add here. Quite a night of action.