JUNE 17/18TH



June 17/18th 00.40 BST. Look at those amazing colours at the upper sector of the NLCs, white below, blue at centre, and purple-red on top. I have never seen that colour on an NLC display before in my life. These last few images are looking N. Capella is the only star visible in this image. The NLCs extend out of frame on either side. I love it when strips of Trop cloud form in front of an NLC display, it generates such an atmospheric image and highlights the viewing requirements needed for NLC formation. The Trop cloud is our 'normal' weather cloud which is much lower in the atmosphere, hence the Sun can't reflect off it from below the horizon so they appear dark. NLCs are 83km high in the Mesosphere on the edge of space, at that phenomenal height the Sun will reflect and scatter off the NLCs even with the Sun below the horizon as long as the Sun is between 6 and 16 degrees below it. NLCs cannot be seen in daylight, they are too tenuous. You can see the backs of the Cows at the bottom, I had to mount the camera on an elevated mound in the field in order to see over them.