JUNE 15/16TH



June 15/16th 03.24 BST. I relocated to a much higher vantage point into a beautiful field of waist-high dew-covered grass. I could hear Grasshoppers making that lovely relaxing noise which always reminds me of Summer. This is looking NE, a 28mm wide angle vertical shot taken in a desperate attempt to capture the higher waves on this display. You can see a section of these at the top, those waves crossed the NE to NW sky through the zenith with a curved profile similar to a bow wave or gust front on a storm. They were a phenomenal blue colour. The approaching light of dawn is now blending in with the NLCs lower down, however the structure can still be seen through it. The banks of fog below drifting through the fields really complimented the scene. After taking a few overhead images I began the journey home, once there I watched the NLCs covering much of the entire sky after 04.00 with a well deserved mug of tea. It had been a long night, I had too many images to go through so I decided I would make a start on going through them at some stage on the following day. This display impressed me in the extreme, yet I thought to myself that this was only mid June, we hadn't even approached the Solstice yet, I could only imagine the kind of displays which could appear in the near future, and one thing was for certain, they could get much better than this one. If only I knew what lay ahead!.