JUNE 15/16TH



June 15/16th 03.12 BST. Back to the N and NE sector where, with the naked eye, the fainter extensions of those bands where passing over the Moon. I took a few images with the zoom lens showing these bands over the sunlit half phase and contrasting sharply against the darker Earthshine. I love the above scene, good structure, intensity and form. Note the blue herringbone at the top upper L which extended far above me. I couldn't fit much of this display into the wide lens. Early morning Birds where beginning to sing, announcing that the dawn chorus was not far away. I had been out watching this display for much of the night and despite feeling tired and wanting to go home I just couldn't resist staying here watching this stunning show. This was a very special display, it felt like I was the only one experiencing it, at least locally anyway. If you have never seen a good NLC display before then you don't know what you are missing, believe me, they have to be seen to be believed, they are simply magnificent and among the very finest night sky phenomena one can see with the naked eye. I would place them up there with the Aurora in the 'unforgettable category'.