Meet The Scopes - My Telescopes And Equipment


Here's an introduction to the telescopes and other gear which I use to observe the night sky.

The Meade 16" Starfinder Dobsonian Reflector

T7 and me 1


Primary Mirror = 406mm (16") grade A pyrex glass, fine annealed.

Focal length = 1830mm

Focal ratio = F/4.5

Resolving power = 0.28 arc sec's

Limiting visual magnitude = 15.6

Maximum practical visual power = 600X


t7 and me 2


Meade series 4000 32mm 2" super wide angle eyepiece, mag of 57X, FOV = 1 degree

8X50 mm straight through view finder.

Telrad reflex sight

2" plastic focuser with 1.25" adapter

JMI NGC micro max digital setting circles


t7 and me 3

Astronomical Targets

Comet observation / Comet hunting

Deep sky Observing

Faint variable stars


t7 and me 4 The 16"


This is a big telescope that I believe Meade no longer make having replaced the starfinder line with their new large aperture portable truss tube (light bridge) reflectors. If you are thinking of buying this scope then you need to keep in mind that two persons are needed for the set up process. Having this scope permanently mounted outside in an observatory is a must. The 16" delivers outstanding views and is an ideal instrument for the serious deep sky and comet observer. I recommend that you replace the plastic focuser with a metal high quality unit such as a JMI focuser and attach a telrad to the OTA. The scope comes in a lovely white colour however I refurbished my own starfinder with sweeping handles and changed the colour to 'Oxford blue'.

The Meade 8" LX10 Deluxe S.Cass

d2 and me


Primary mirror = 203mm (8")

Focal length = 2000mm / 1280mm

Focal ratio = F/10 to F/6.3

Resolving power = 0.56 arc sec's

Limiting visual magnitude = 14.0

Maximum practical visual power = 500X

Clock drive with RA and DEC locks and slow motion controls

Hand unit for controlling azimuth and altitude motion.

d2 and me 2


Meade series 4000 26mm 1.25" SP eyepiece, mag of 49X FOV = 50' approx

Meade series 4000 F/6.3 focal reducer / field flattener.

8X50mm straight through finder.

Telrad reflex sight

Flexi dew shield

d2 and t7

Astronomical Targets

Comet observation / Comet hunting

General deep sky observing

High power moon and planet studies

Afocal lunar astrophotography


A great general purpose telescope that's portable and can be carried and set up by one person with ease. For long winter observing sessions a Kendrix dew removal heater would be an ideal mate. I attached home made 'sweeping handles' to the fork arms to aid me with comet hunting. Meade have now replaced this scope with the new GO - TO LX 90 series. A great beginners scope for the serious observer!

Meade 90mm ETX RA M.Cass

d1 and snow


Clear aperture = 90mm (3.5")

Focal length = 1250mm

Focal ratio = F/13.8

Resolving power = 1.3 arc sec's

Limiting stellar magnitude = 11.7

Maximum practical visual power = 325X

Clock drive

Slow motion controls and locks in RA and DEC



Meade series 4000 26mm LP 1.25" eyepiece, mag of 48X

Meade 8X21mm straight through finder.

Baader astro solar filter

Photographic tripod

Astronomical Targets

High magnification moon and planet work.

Solar observing




This telescope provides stunning crisp views of the moon and planets and often out performs telescopes of larger aperture. Very portable and versatile instrument. Dew shield, right angle finder and flexi focus cable are highly recommended.

The 10" Dobsonian Reflector

alfie 1


Home made telescope

Primary mirror = 250mm (10")

Focal length = 1750mm

Focal ratio = F/7

alfie 3


Meade series 4000 26mm 1.25" eyepiece.

Heavy duty metal 9X50mm straight through finder scope.

Heavy duty metal 1.25" focuser

alfie 2

Astronomical Targets

Comet observation / Comet hunting

Deep sky work

Moon and planets


On loan from our local astronomical society by Conor Mc Donald. I used this scope on many a night. Although the FOV is rather restricted it does deliver high quality crisp planetary views due to its excellent collimation and sturdy construction. One of the best views I had with Jupiter was with this telescope!

The 8.5" Dobsonian Reflector


Home made telescope

Primary = 210mm (8.5")

Focal length = 1470mm

Focal ratio = F/7


Meade series 4000 40mm 1.25" eyepiece, mag of 37X - 1 degree FOV

Telrad reflex sight

Metal 1.25" focuser

Adjustable tube and balance points

Astronomical Targets

Comet observation / Comet hunting

Deep sky observing

Variable stars

Moon and planets


I got this telescope on loan from well known astronomer and friend John Mc Connell (FRAS) who kindly lent it to me for comet hunting. The scope is very light, portable with silky smooth altitude and azimuth motions - a real joy to use.

The TAL 1 EQ Reflector

c1 1


Meade series 4000 26mm 1.25" eyepiece, mag of 31X

Primary mirror = 110mm (4.5")

Focal length = 805.78mm

Focal ratio = F/7.3

Metal optical tube assembly

Metal 1.25" focuser

Heavy duty equatorial mount on metal pier with stands.

c1 2


Owned by Conor Mc Donald who regularly gave me the use of this telescope. This is the best 4.5" reflector I have observed with. Generous FOV at lower power, light and smooth motions, very well collimated with tack sharp star fields with no coma, all on a rock steady mount. I have used this scope for Messier marathon practice runs and for observing bright comets.

Other Equipment

Meade series 4000 9.7mm 1.25" eyepiece

Meade series 4000 6.4mm 1.25" eyepiece

Meade X2 short barlow lens

Fujifilm S5600 5.1MP 10X optical zoom digital camera with tripod.

Fujifilm S6500FD 6.3MP 300mm zoom camera (damaged)

Canon EOS 450D DSLR

Canon EOS 600D DSLR

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

Samsung Switch Grip HD Video Camera

Digislider 1 Meter Tracking Rail With Premium SMS Controller

Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter

I will update this page when I get more equipment.

Martin Mc Kenna