Comet 49-49


C/2007 E2 Lovejoy - May 3/4th 23.20 BST. This sketch was made using the 8.5" reflector. My first observation took place on April 18th 2006. I cannot believe how much the comet has changed in a few days since my last observation. Last night (May 1st)I found the comet within the same FOV as 4th mag Kappa Lyrae which was high in the east near the zenith before dawn. There was a slight haze in the sky and the near full Moon was low in the SW. E2 was extremely faint, very diffuse and of a very low surface brightness. The coma has shrunk in diameter (although this could be the effect of lunar glare) and is only slightly more intense toward the centre. The green colour was more subtle than usual. I could see no central condensation, false nucleus or tail present. The edges of the comet were very soft and diffuse - impossible to tell the coma/sky boundary with any accuracy. It was a real challenge to catch this comet visually under these unfavourable conditions but I managed to do it. The comet was seen with averted vision but almost gone in direct vision. Today, May 1st, marks my 7th year of comet hunting to the very day so I was delighted to celebrate by observing a new comet. Currently I am at 995 hours and 2 min's of comet hunting time.

Mag: 9.0 - 9.5? Dia:5' D.C: 3..Martin Mc Kenna