Last night (Nov 14/15th 2007) I made my first visual observation of 8P/Tuttle at 03.58 UT in an incredible sky between banks of thick fog. Tuttle was located in the high northern circumpolar sky below Polaris and not far to the SW of 4th magnitude Delta Ursae Minoris. Using the 8.5" F/7 reflector with 32mm 1.25" eyepiece I conducted a systematic search through this area without success as on previous nights. However I managed to catch the comet which surprised me after 45 minutes of fruitless searching. The comet was extremely faint and looked like a circular patch of green haze in a field of faint stars. Tuttle was extremely diffuse - difficult to tell where the coma ended and the sky began. At centre I could see a faint pin prick condensation. No tail observed. It was observed faintly with direct vision however averted vision was needed to see its full extent. I was delighted to finally catch Tuttle at such a faint magnitude and look forward to watching its rapid development. 17P/ Holmes and 8P/Tuttle where a real treat at this silent hour of the night. This is my 42nd observed comet.

Mag: + 10.9 - 11.0, Dia: 3', D.C: 2