Comet 38-38


C/2006 M4 SWAN on Oct 21st 2006 in the 8.5" F/7 dobsonian reflector. The comet was currently located in N. Bootes near a 4th magnitude star. The coma was very green, ,mag 6.2, 8' in dia with a D.C of 6 sporting a bright white soft central condensation and soft stellar false nucleus. The whole coma looks softer and slightly more diffuse since my last observation on the 15th. The green ion tail extended for more than 1.5 degrees and was a beautiful sight as it broadened with distance away from the coma. I suspect that in better sky conditions with 10X50 binoculars the coma would be larger and tail longer. The comet is quite a beautiful object well placed in the western evening sky. I watched as the comet silently crept to the NE passing in front of a nearby field star causing its light to dim - wonderful to watch.