Comet 35-35


C/2002 T7 LINEAR on December 14th 2003 at 20.30 LT as seen through the large eye of the 16" F/4.5 reflector. In fact T7 LINEAR was my 'first comet light' with this scope as I had only just got it new and set up in the back garden. I purchased this scope specifically for comets and T7 made a nice introduction. Since this night I have always referred to the 16" as 'T7' in my log book as a code for my entries. The comet was a mag 8.6 object high in the SE within Triangulum with a well condensed coma (D.C 7) and a diameter of 2' with a bright star like central condensation. I could make out a bright white eastward pointing dust tail with its western section brighter as it left the coma. The comet was located near the zenith at 137 degrees from the sun.