Comet 33-33


C/2001 T1 Mc Naught - Hartley on Jan 6th 2001 between 05.40 - 07.10 LT in the 8" F/10 S.Cas at 77X. A good long observing session with this mag 7.8 comet as it sat near the border of Libra in the winter eastern sky before dawn. This image taken from my log book shows the comets motion against the background stars of the celestial 'Scales'. The coma was moderately condensed (D.C 6) with a diameter of 6' and a hint of a narrow tail. The screw on the 'visual back' of my scope broke during this session causing the star diagonal to twist down which was really frustrating so I had to line the diagonals 1.25" barrel with tape so it would sit within the visual back securely without moving. I ordered a new one the next evening.