Comet 25-25


C/2004 Q2 Machholz on January 13th 2005 at 03.00 LT in my old 10X50mm binoculars. The coma was wedge shaped, elongated to the east with faint material connecting the ion tail to the dust tail describing a large arc. Ion tail was 3.5 degrees long pointing NE with multiple streamers and complicated tail structure. Dust tail was 1 degree? long pointing SE with the sunward side being very sharp and bright and tapers to a point like the shape of a road cone. Central condensation was tear drop shaped in the direction of the ion tail looking similar to a spine however it may have been a bright streamer. Comet motion seen easily with naked eye along with M31, M34, M33 and the double cluster in the same visual field. This was a very enjoyable 3 hour observing session with comet Machholz.