Comet 22-22


C/2004 F4 Bradfield on May 8th at 02.15 LT using the 16" F/4.5 reflector at 57X. At an elongation from the sun of 34 degrees in Andromeda below and very close to M31 the comet was magnitude 7.0 Dia: 3' with a D.C of 5. The bright dust tail with spine was 50' long to the NW. Coma was a slight green colour. I picked the comet up this morning during a visual comet hunt with the same instrument with the waning full moon (3 days after full) rising in the SE. The view of the comet through this size of telescope was breathtaking! - I wrote in my log book that morning....' There was a gentle mild breeze blowing against the side of my face which complimented my visual impression of the solar wind blowing the tail back from the coma'.