Comet 20-20


C/2004 F4 Bradfield on April 28th 2004 at 03.30 LT in the 8" F/6.3 S.Cass at 49X. The comet was magnitude 5.1 highly condensed (DC: 8) with a small 2' coma with a bright dust tail over 1 degree long pointing NW with a bright spine. The comet was located within Andromeda low in the NE bright morning twilight at only 25 degrees from the sun. Comet was a pearly white/grey colour with a hint of blue. Also visible in 8X50mm finder and binoculars. Bradfield was a tiny but beautiful comet which I turned to after a night of comet hunting to remind myself just why I do this kind of observing - I got some reminder! This was my 2nd observation of this comet.