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Astronomy & Weather Links

Below is a list of links relating to the material on nightskyhunter. I hope they are as useful to you as they are to me. If you have a site which fits in with any of my interest fields then please contact me and we can swap links.

Comet Observing

Minor Planet Centre

Observable Comets from The MPC

BAA Comet Section

Seiichi Yoshida's Comet Page

German Comet Section

Gary Kronk's Comet Page

JPL Small Bodies Data Centre

Groningen Comet Finder Charts

Tsutomu Seki's Comet Page

Comet Magnitude Estimates By John E.Bortle

Secrets Of High Power Comet Observing By Stephen James O'Meara

Gerald Rhemanns Astro Studio

SkyHound Guide For Comets - Excellent finder charts available here!

Martin Mobberly (BAA) Astronomical Images - Great comet image page.

Comet CCD Images By Chris & Dawn Schur

Alan Hale's Comet Page - Countdown To 500 Comets.

An Observing Guide To Comets (nightskyhunter)

Comet Sketches (nightskyhunter)

Comet & Asteroid Impact Threat

2009 Jupiter Comet Impact - Wikipedia

Asteroid Watch - New Public NEO Page from JPL

Mitigation Of Hazardous Objects Workshop

Tsunami from Comet/Asteroid Impacts - Australian Spaceguard

Spaceguard UK

Current Impact Risks from NASA

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA's)

Small Asteroids Encounters List

The Planetary Society NEO Pages

Rio Cuarto Impacts

Tagish Lake Fireball

Chiemgau Impact Event

Terrestrial Impact Craters

Earth Impact Effects Program

Make an Impact!

The Torino Impact Hazzard Scale

Terrestrial Impact Craters

Tunguska Homepage - University Of Bologna

The Earth Impact Database

list of identified impact craters on Earth (plain text)


Simulation Of Comet Impact With Earth

Earth Impact Effects Programme - Jay Melosh & Gareth Collins

Shoemaker - Levy 9 Jupiter Impact

SL-9 The Impact - NASA

Tsunami From Comet / Asteroid Impacts

Meteor Links

Basics Of Meteor Observing By Alan M. Mac Robert (S&T Article)

British Astronomical Association Meteor Section

Cloudbait Observatory - Fireballs

International Meteor Organization - Fireballs

Professional Surveys







Digitized Sky Survey


Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass Wikipedia.com

British & Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS)

Aurora Borealis Links


NOAA Three Day Forecast

SOHO Real Time Images

Global Auroral Activity Sightings Map

Live Aurora Cam From Arctic Circle

Solar Terrestrial Report

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

KHO Auroral Oval Forecast - Real Time Auroral Oval Chart

Ovation Aurora - Auroral Oval Predicition Chart

CME & Solar Wind Prediction - Animated models

ACE Real Time Data

SOHO Spaceweather Page

Spaceweather Alerts

Noctilucent Clouds

Paper On Pre-Karakatoa NLC's From Armagh Observatory (PDF) - Dr. J. Butler

NLC Observer's Homepage

Tom Mc Ewan's New NLC Forum

Tom Eklund's NLC Photographs

BAA NLC Section

Noctilucent cloud

Observing NLC's By Dr. Colin Steel

Nightskyhunter Noctilucent Cloud Observing Article

Nightskyhunter Noctilucent Cloud Stock Gallery

Spaceweather.com 2009 NLC Gallery

Spaceweather.com 2008 NLC Gallery

Spaceweather.com 2007 NLC Gallery

NLC Pics 1977-1985

NLC Pics 1986-1990

NLC Pics 1991-1996

NLC Pics 1997-1999

NLC Pics 2000-2001

NLC Pics 2002-2003

NLC Pics 2005-2006

NLC's Over London 2006

Observation's of NLC's In Austria

On the Diurnal Variation of NLC's By Wilfried Schroeder











































































































































Comet Hunting/Discovery

Discovery of C/2004 Q2 Machholz

How To Report A Comet Discovery By David Levy

Comet Discovery Report Form

So You Think You Have Discovered A Comet By Daniel Green (CBAT)

David Levy's Comet Hunting Achievements

Jarnac Observatory Arizona - David Levy's Website

Comet Hunting Techniques By Vello Tabur

CCD Based Comet Hunting By Vello Tabur

Computer Aided Comet Hunting By Vello Tabur

Discovery Of C/1996 Q1 Vello Tabur

Discovery Of C/1997 N1 Tabur

Discovery Of C/2003 T3 Tabur

Discovery Of C/1997 O1 Tilbrook

Discovery Of C/1999 A1 Tilbrook

Discovery Of C/2004 F4 Bradfield

Comet Hunting By Bill Bradfield

SOHO Sungrazing Comets Page

Can Comet Hunters Survive? (the threat from LINEAR) By Shigeki Murakami

Discovery Of Comet Hyakutake

Comets - Creators & Destroyers By David Levy (sample)

David Levy - Stalking Stars, Chasing Comets By Laurel Allen

David Levy's Catalog of Comet Masqueraders and More (PDF)

The Comets Of Caroline Herschel

Comet Name Guide By IAU

Visual Comet Hunting (nightskyhunter)

Comet Hunting - Avoiding The Surveys (nightskyhunter)

C/2006 P1 Mc Naught Gallery (nightskyhunter)

Spaceweather.com Comet Mc Naught Gallery

Comet Mc Naught Images - Gordon Garradd

The Comet Hunter - Don Machholz's Comet Hunting Site

Comet 17P/Holmes - Gary Kronk

Comet 17P/Holmes Photo Gallery - Spaceweather.com

Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin - Summary By Gary Kronk

Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin Photo Gallery - Spaceweather.com

Weather/Storms & Atmospherics


BBC Weather

RTE Weather From Met Erieann

Met Office Northern Ireland Forecast

The International Journal Of Meteorology (IJMet)

Armagh Observatory Meteorology Databank

Armagh Observatory Automatic Weather Station

Les Cowley's Atmospheric Optics Site

ATD Sferics - Lightning Dection Site For UK

ATD Sferics 3 Hours - c-g Lightning plots Last 3 Hours

Netweather Lightning - Netweather Lightning

Real Time Lightning - Real Time Europe & UK Sferics

UK Lightning - UK Lightning Dection Via Netweather

Convective Maps From Lightning Wizard - UK & Europe

Netweather Rainfall Radar - Netweather Rainfall Radar

New Met Office UK & Ireland Radar - New Met Office Radar

Rain Today - High Resolution UK rainfall Radar from Metogroup

Radiosonde Plots - Radiosonde Soundings

Netweather.TV - UK Weather/Storm Forum

Two Weather Outlook - UK Weather/Storm Forum

Weather Boards.ie - Irish Weather Forum

SkyWarn UK

SkyWarn USA - NOAA

Convective Weather - UK Storm Forecasts

Cloud Appreciation Society

Tornado & Storm Research Organisation (TORRO)

ESTOFEX - Europe Storm Forecast Experiment

Lightning & Sferics - UK Detection From Isle Of Wight

World Wide Lightning Location Network

Sat24.nl - Latest Satellite Images Over UK & Europe - 15 min Updates

The Weather Prediction - Excellent Resource For Storm Forecasting

Chasing The Storm - Educational Weather Photography Links

Netweather GFS Charts - GFS charts for weather/storm prediction

Pivotal Weather Maps - Pivotal Weather Maps

Arome Weather Charts - AROME Charts from CW Weather

UKWW Live Weather Page - Sat images, Sferics, Radar on One Page

ESSL Severe Weather Database - Plots of Recent Tornadoes in Europe

Nightskyhunter Moonbow Gallery - Images of Rare Moonbows

Staying Safe In Severe Weather - Staying Safe In Severe Weather

Tornado Safety & Preparedness - Tornado Safety For Adults & Kids

Tornado Basement Safety Guide - Tornado Basement Safety Guide

Storm Spotting From Home - Become A Storm Spotter From Home

Storm & Emergency Guide For Kids - Storm & Emergency Guide For Kids

Disaster Emergency Plan for Your Business Disaster Planning for Business NEW

Astronomical Societies

Irish Astronomical Society

Irish Astronomical Association

Galway Astronomy Club

Irish federation Of Astronomical Societies

Kerry Astronomy Club

Midlands Astronomy Club

Astronomical Magazines

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

BBC Sky & Night Magazine

General Astronomy Links

Astronomy for Beginners - Astronomy for Beginners

Armagh Observatory- N. Ireland

Armagh Planetarium - N. Ireland

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

European Space Agency (ESA)

Heavens - Above Find the location of the space station, flares and satellites

Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD)

Astronomy Sketch Of The Day (ASOD)

Jordal Bank Observatory

Birr Castle - Co. Offaly, Ireland

Mythical Ireland - Ancient Astronomy In Ireland

British Astronomical Association (BAA)

Predictions By The US Naval Observatory

Solar & Heliospheric Obervatory (SOHO)

Current Solar Images

The World At Night - Stunning images of historic sites against starry skies!

Fotosearch - Stock Images & Video Footage

Online Guide To Light Pollution - Links Page on the Subject of LP

Astronomy & Space Sites - Great resource for general astro info

Light Pollution Energy Solutions - Effects On Humans & Solutions

Can Stock Photo - Astronomy Stock Images

Light Pollution Impacts - The Impact of Light Pollution In Your Life

Go Graph Stock Photography - Go Graph Stock Photography: Space Stock Photography

DIY Gardening - Gardening & Astronomy By Daniel & Hannah

Astro Solitaire - Play Astro Solitaire Online & Learn About Space Heroes NEW

Equipment Reviews/Suppliers

Cloudynights Telescope Reviews

Scope Reviews

Meade Telescopes

Celestron Telescopes

Big Binoculars.com

Tele Vue Optics

Obsession Telescopes

Telescope House UK

North Down Telescopes N. Ireland - Andrew McCrea

Weasner's Mighty ETX Site

Harrison Telescopes - Great UK Scope & Bino Dealer

Telescope Planet UK - Buy Telescopes

Variable Stars, Novae, Supernovae

American Association Of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

Bright Novae Since 1890

Nova Development

Nova Hunters - S&T Article by Stephen James O' Meara

Supernova Searching - Tom Bole's Website

Individual Websites

Storm And Sky - Fabulous Storm Chasing Site from Mike Hollingshead

Storm Effects - US Storm Chaser Brian A Morganti

Anthony Ayiomamitis Atrophotography

Avertedimagination by Alan friedman

Paul Hunter's Wildskies Weather website.

John Mason's Severe Weather Photography Site. (Wales, UK)

Dave Mc Donald's Astronomy Site - Astroshack Celbridge Observatory, J65

Irish Astrophotography - By Dave Grennan

Northern Lights Photography - Aurora & Nature Images by Fredrik Broms

Australian Weather Photos - Oz Storms by Michael Thompson

Martin McKenna.net - Fantastic Fantasy Artist from the UK

Astrophotography - Stunning Comet Images By Miloslav Druckmuller

Art de Ciel.com - Elite Astrophotography Site Run By Dr. Stefan Hughes

Chase The Storm - UK/US Storm Chaser Peter Scott

Science - Blogs from the very talented Steven Goodheart

Stacked Plates - Spectacular Storm Images from Dick McGowan

BecausetheNight - Stunning photography by Stefano De Rosa

Eric Jamison's Astronomy & Sketches - Astro Sketches from Eric Jamison

Tyroneskies.com - From Omagh Photographer Paul Martin

Macprint - Excellent Photo Printing Business In Maghera

Framed By Nature - Storms & Nature photography by Evan Ludes

Glenn Miles Photography - Coleraine Based Landscape Photographer

Barewalls.com - Fine art website by Evan Nickel

Chasing The Elements- Weather & Night Sky Images from John Fagan

Free Space Art Posters & Prints - Free Art Posters & Prints: Astronomy & Space Posters, Art Prints, Wall Art, & Canvas Prints

Emergency Plan For A Natural Disaster - Emergency Plan During Disaster NEW

Asbestos & Natural Disasters - Asbestos & Natural Disasters NEW



























































































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